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Web Acceleration What a great set of acquisitions!!

Web Acceleration What a great set of acquisitions!!


Challenges ahead for large IT and Telco’s!!?

Immensely due to lower demand for hardware manufacturing [driven by the embracement of cloud] and free messaging services (WhatsApp, Facebook) large IT, ISP’s, Telco and network companies realize to be competitive, IT and data costs must and are decreasing , which in turn crushes margins.

Over the next 20 years remaining compelling, profitable and sustaining a large telecoms and IT business will be challenging, therefore  the need to innovate and add new revenue streams is a must!


Many have invested in Big Data , IOT [internet of things] shared services (such as Cloud ) Digital, Security , SaaS and ITaaS solutions  - each rapidly gaining momentum of a freight train.

Verizon in particular see humongous opportunity  within these markets , certainly within the digital space  and developed a full end to end Digital Media Platform and solutions – AKA Verizon Digital Media Services  – a business unit which I am very proud to be a part of!!!

What do online businesses aspire to achieve and how???

Companies who are focused, or reliant upon

  • Online revenue
  • Security of data
  • Customer experience
  • Meeting legislation and compliance

Generally want to achieve/ overcome /have the following challenges

  • Reducing latency
  • Consolidating, commoditizing and reducing IT & infrastructure costs
  • Accelerating web performance
  • Accelerating the commerce user journey
  • Simplifying video management and performance
  • Streamlining and improving system workflow and management of,
  • Finding ways to monetize data (The humungous amount that they have so strategically collated) “We have it , now what do we do with it”

How does one overcome these challenges??

  • Digital excellence – realize that technology can enable and not slow you down!
  • Employ subject matter experts , leaner and improved technology
  • Rather than grow IT – and become cumbersome – seek efficiencies
  • Work with your partners to realize innovation and efficiencies
  • Let others concentrate on security, technology and concentrate on core business….
  • Grow revenue – keeping your shareholders happy
  • Deliver the best customer service

The Solution?

Have you heard of CDN (content delivery network) … if not, in simple terms it is a solution that accelerates and delivers content situated within your business (i.e. your servers) to your audience in the most efficient and cost effective way…

As such bringing businesses closer to their customers – more geographic regions to grow additional revenue streams and presence…

What about video or, ecommerce and accelerating the transaction experience? CDN delivers solutions for this too….

What a great set of acquisitions

Verizon Digital Media Services are the fastest  CDN, web, commerce, video acceleration & life cycle management service provider, bar none…. our core focus is monetizing and getting our customers content, assets and/or products to any user/device via the cloud & across a network in the most direct, secure, efficient, low latency route – delivering highest availability & redundancy.

Below is the end to end Digital Media platform available to the market and one Verizon has invested $bs intoacquiring UpLynk, Edgecast and AOL – to make this possible.

UpLynk – Prepare  – Full life cycle solution from acquire, manage , translate, streamline to publish – On Demand and real time video

Edgecast CDN  - Deliver -for securely accelerating content or assets to end users

AOL display – Content management, advertising and publishing platforms.

Whilst you can prepare, accelerate and display content, importantly security is built in and your data is internally interrogated, tested and further more analyzed, eliminating risk, ensuring peace of mind and enabling our customer to monetize each and every visitor.

With all these aspects seamlessly stitched together = one product and team of experts who can take away existing or legacy business pain and manage all aspect of your delivery life cycle.


What next?

  • Let us know about your project
  • Nature of your content (sensitive , do you transact ,static, dynamic or all of the above)?
  • What you do now to deliver such services?
  • What your trying to achieve as a business?
  • The result you would like to see- the utopia – lets think big !! ?
  • and the demand (current and forecasted i.e. traffic and data transferred on a monthly basis
  • Are you looking for the fastest CDN on the market ?
  • If retailer – What is your average order value and conversation rate ?
  • We deliver either or both a trial and report which will prove and outperform the results you demand ….integration is simple!!!

Any questions I am here to help

I look forward to speaking to you soon  ?

Case study

Martin Galea – Ba(Hons)
Verizon Digital Media Services

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Did you know we are an approved G-Cloud supplier?

Did you know we are an approved G-Cloud supplier?

IT professionals in the public sector will be well-aware of the government’s ‘G-Cloud’ initiative, designed to make it easier to procure cloud services. What you may not be aware of is that Peer 1 Hosting is one of the scheme’s approved suppliers for a number of cloud hosting services.

So why are we so excited? Being listed on the G-Cloud means our public sector customers can quickly start using our services without a lengthy tendering process.

Government procurement lists used to be relatively short, restricted largely to the established technology giants. Since the G-Cloud launch a few years ago, the door has been thrown open to small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), with the aim to distribute the majority of public sector spending more evenly.

Getting a business onto the approved supplier list is no mean feat, however. It involves a rigorous registration and assessment process.

That’s why we are particularly proud to be included on the supplier list for a range of services, including PCI-DSS compliant managed hosting, bare metal IaaS and Magento optimised managed hosting, among others.

The G-Cloud listing officially recognises our capabilities in building, managing and implementing complex IT projects. This recognition should also provide peace of mind to both public and private sector clients that we are able to deliver best of breed technology, products and services that are inline with ever changing industry regulations.

Interested in our range of G-Cloud approved services? Visit the government’s Digital Market website to find out more or get in contact with us directly today. 

Martin Galea 
Cloud Specialist

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Demanding a hybrid solution

Demanding a hybrid solution

From an unknown niche just a few years ago, the various cloud options on offer are now so diverse that even the terminology can be overwhelming. We’re at a point where most end users are aware of the benefits and drawbacks to private and public cloud models; as a result it’s the hybrid option that’s becoming an increasingly popular choice.

In fact, one recent study found that hybrid cloud adoption is set to triple over the next three years, with almost a third of IT decision makers planning to implement some sort of hybrid cloud model by 2017. Gartner takes this even further, predicting that by the end of 2017, almost half of large firms will be using hybrid. What I am hearing from customers also supports this trend; it’s clear that for the first time, there’s a real demand for hybrid among end users. So what’s behind this shift?

From what our customers are saying, there’s no bigger concern than security. Private cloud would therefore be the preferred option, but the price of investing in and maintaining on-premise facilities can be prohibitively high for many growing businesses and medium-sized firms. Meanwhile, public cloud may be more cost effective, but the perception of vulnerability remains. Hybrid (as the name suggests) offers a ‘best of both’ approach, combining much of the security of a private model with the cost efficiency and flexibility of public cloud.

From working with several businesses in the eCommerce space, it’s clear that not every website experiences consistent levels of demand. Most eCommerce websites experience huge peaks in demand, as well as troughs, throughout the year – for example the Christmas period. These businesses require a scalable solution where private cloud or on-premise hosting is relied on for ordinary circumstances, as well as a flexible public cloud model for busier periods.

While there’s no substitute for the performance and speed of on-premise IT, a hybrid cloud model allows the end user this functionality most of the time, with public cloud services available when necessary. Those on a public cloud framework won’t benefit from the same level of performance.

Discerning buyers want nothing but the best. In practice, this involves a flexible, scalable and secure service that incorporates the advantages of private and public cloud without the drawbacks inherent to both models. Crucially, buyers want all of this on a lower budget.

It’s no surprise that hybrid cloud adoption is growing at a much faster rate than the alternatives. Smaller firms may favour public cloud and large corporates may prefer their own system, but medium-sized businesses require the peace of mind offered by a private cloud model, yet with the flexibility to scale up and down where necessary. As the end user’s priorities evolve, a hybrid solution driven by the buyer’s needs will become increasingly popular – do you have the right cloud infrastructure in place to support your business?

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

At the forefront of cloud technology and web performance 

As a driven and passionate IT and Cloud sales professional , I spend a large proportion of my time interacting with senior and executive level leadership, pondering over or implementing strategy and researching the latest innovations  - on and offline – so felt it prudent to start my own blog !

My inspiration to contribute to a blog, stems from my recent appointment as a Cloud Specialist at international and leading managed hosting company Peer 1 Hosting - take a look at their amazing offices!

I am fortunate to have been appointed into a high visibility role, tasked with making a significant contribution to an exciting, dynamic and challenging initiative that is Peer 1′s cloud products (Mission Critical Cloud, Zunicore and OnDemand) helping Peer 1 reach their full potential and continue as a world class subject matter expert.

Positioned at the forefront of cloud technology, this enables me to gain fantastic market insight , which I hope means my future posts , analysis , opinions and views on the industry, will be of interest and valuable to all involved in the web hosting space.

Watch out for future post’s  - coming soon!

Martin Galea – views are my own

About Me

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